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Changes to the behaviour system (Safety Net)

Dear Parent/Carer

At Bristol Brunel we are passionate about the learning that takes place in the Academy. As a result of this, we invested time in seeking Staff, Parent and Student voice to help guide us in setting a new direction to enable increased learning time for all our students. I would like to thank all of you that provided feedback in our recent behaviour system survey.

We currently operate a behaviour system where, if a student receives a code 4, they attend Safety Net for 6 periods. This system has been working well and has supported us to ensure that we have disruption free classrooms throughout the Academy.

The recent feedback from Staff, Parent and Students voice indicated that we need to make some amendments to our current system, most notably the length of time that students spend in this facility. As a result, we feel that we are now able to move to a system that reduces the amount of time that students in Safety Net, spend out of lessons. We have also carefully considered the need for students to instead, lose more of their social and after-school time. We have taken on board all of your comments very carefully and made the decision to begin a trial period of an altered system as below:

  • If given a code 4, students will now serve up until the end of their next social time (i.e., break, lunch, end of day) in the Safety Net, thus reducing the overall time spent out of lessons. Students will be expected to return to serve a 30-minute detention after school that day. This will enable us to provide reflection time for the students whilst getting them back into their learning more quickly.

Behaviour model

The 30-minute detention will provide an additional deterrent and the opportunity for the restorative conversation to take place between the student and teacher. If the 30-minute detention is not served, then the student will redo their Safety Net time the next day and repeat the 30-minute detention. If the detention is missed again or the student is removed from the Safety Net for poor behaviour, the student will complete a full day.

We will be reviewing the new system, weekly, to ensure that we have suitable sanctions in place whilst ensuring that our students and staff maximise their learning time in classrooms. If you would like more information, please contact your child’s year team.

Yours faithfully


Miss Tara Paisey

Assistant Principal Culture and Ethos