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Exam and Revision at BBA

This part of the website is dedicated, primarily, to our year 11 students and their families.  We know that students perform better when well prepared and organised well in advance for exams. 

Top 10 Tips to support your child through their exams

The question to ask yourself… 

Is what you are doing today getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow? 

Exam and Revision at BBA


People sometimes think that success does not take hard work and persistence. Success is the product of daily habits, not the once in a lifetime transformation.

Revision Pack

Each subject, we have provided you with a range of revision resources to support you in the run up to exams. This includes:

  • Past Papers
  • Mark Schemes
  • Examiner Reports

Click here for our Year 11 Revision Pack

Exam and Revision at BBA

What does this mean for me?

  • Retrieval​
  • Revisiting previous topics ​
  • Exercise books as a revision tool
  • Homework and independent revision (little and often in lessons and at home)
  • Importance of retrieval in lessons and acting on areas of weaknesses.
  • Making links to previous topics and concepts​
  • Assessment​
  • Feedback and Redrafting work

​Other resources:

Exam Expectations Booklet for Students

Revision Guide for Parents

Revision Guide for Students

Get Revising

Revision TimeTable

If you have any questions about exams, revision or wish to discuss your individual circumstances, please contact one of the year 11 team: [email protected]

If you have any questions about exams please contact our exams officer on [email protected]