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Year 7 Start of Term

5th September 2023

Dear Parent/Carer

We were delighted to welcome our new Year 7 students to the Academy today, they have made a fantastic start and we are really impressed at how they lined up this morning looking smart in their uniform. They have been polite and respectful to staff and peers and are a credit to you as parents/carers.

Year 7s have had a very busy day, spending time with their Tutor and Tutor Group, getting to know their way around the building, learning about our routines and taking time to settle in.

Due to the warmer weather, we will allow students to remove Ties and Blazers for the rest of this week, therefore they do not need to bring them into the Academy.
On Monday 11th September we expect all students to be back in full Academy uniform and will make a decision regarding Ties and Blazers if the weather continues to be hot. A reminder that students can wear black tailored school shorts all year round.

You should have had details for, and set up your ParentPay account for topping up your child’s lunch money, paying for trips, lockers, tie’s etc. If you have not received your activation letter or are struggling to set up your account, please contact the Academy. Please note that if your child is entitled to Free School Meals, the amount will cover the cost of a lunch meal only, should your child wish to purchase snacks at breaktime there will need to be extra money put into their account to cover this.

During the first couple of weeks of term we will call a Tutor Group at a time down to reception to collect their locker key, should they wish to purchase one. Locker key deposits are £5 and can be paid for on ParentPay or in cash at reception. Students should not switch lockers with anyone else unless this has been agreed at reception. Should they lose their locker key a replacement can be ordered via ParentPay or by paying cash at reception. The cost of a replacement key is £3.

Here at BBA we use Satchel One/Show My Homework (SMHW) to set students homework. This is an online tool which will also allow you keep track of your child’s homework. Over the coming weeks Year 7s will be shown how to access their homework accounts and use on their own devices. We will also send you information on how you can access the site along with an activation code.

Biometrics/Student ID Card
Today, Year 7s have had their photograph taken for their BBA ID Card. We will print and hand out these cards over the next couple of days. The only method of purchase from the canteen is through students ID card or biometrics (fingerprint). This means that students must have one of these to access their account and make a purchase. If your child loses their ID card a new one can be ordered online via ParentPay or paid for in cash at reception, the cost of this is £3 (There is no charge for their first card).

Year 7 Team
Should you wish to contact the Year 7 Team, you can do so by emailing [email protected] or calling reception and putting in extension number 1226.

I hope your child has enjoyed their first day at BBA and look forward to seeing them all again tomorrow.


Kind regards


Jen Cusack
Head of School