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Ofsted Inspection Report

Dear Parent/Carer


It is with great pleasure that I am able to share our Ofsted Inspection Report from our recent ‘Ungraded Inspection.’ The purpose of this shorter inspection is to confirm if a ‘Good’ school continues to be ‘Good.’ The inspection team are not able to change any of the overall grades. I am pleased to inform you that Ofsted did confirm that we remain a Good school, whilst this was not a surprise for us, we feel pleased to receive this recognition.

I want to thank you for your support as parents and carers and our fabulous young people that make BBA such a special place to work and learn. The inspection is a moment in time, but our community is what inspires us to achieve this.

The inspection process was thorough, the team visited lessons, met with teachers and middle leaders and spoke to a range of students. As this was an ‘Ungraded Inspection’ we do not receive a change of grade, however we can look into the words that have been written within the report to reflect what the inspection team found.


The inspection team described students feeling pride in their academy:

“Pupils are very proud of their school. Many feel privileged to attend. They feel a sense of belonging to the school. Bristol Brunel Academy is a place where diversity is valued and celebrated. Relationships between staff and pupils are mutually respectful.”

“There is a calm and purposeful atmosphere in lessons and around the school site. Pupils appreciate the clear rules and expectations.“


Our extra-curricular and wider provision is strong:

“There are a wide range of clubs which pupils attend. Examples include, The Duke of Edinburgh Award, astronomy, cheerleading, engineering and learning Mandarin. Pupils say there is something for everyone.”

“Provision for pupils’ wider development is strong. Leaders are determined to involve pupils, including disadvantaged pupils, in a rich array of cultural and social opportunities… All of this encourages pupils to engage with and embody ‘The Brunel Way.’”


Our curriculum and learning is a strength:

“Pupils follow an ambitious curriculum.”

“Leaders have created a strong reading culture in the school. Pupils read books regularly which develops their love of reading.”


Leadership and safeguarding are both strong and, as a result, children feel safe:

“Leadership, at all levels, is a strength of the school. Governors know the school well. They support leaders and hold them to account for the impact of their actions.”

“There is a strong culture of safeguarding throughout the school.”

“Pupils feel safe in school and have a trusted adult they can talk to.”


For the full Ofsted Inspection Report please visit the link below:

Ofsted Report 2023


This is a poignant moment for me. As you know I am moving on to my new role as Executive Principal for the CLF and handover the day-to-day leadership of BBA to Jen Cusack as Head of School.

I started working at BBA in September 2012 as Vice Principal and then from January 2015 as Principal. Throughout my 11 years we have experienced an incredible improvement journey, the school has grown to be one of the largest and most over-subscribed in Bristol, we have had 3 successful Ofsted inspections and successive years of ‘best ever’ results. I feel proud of the Academy that we have created together, and I want to thank the colleagues I work with at BBA and across the CLF that have enabled us to be so successful. I would also like to thank our Academy Council for their strength in governance and, as volunteers, their remarkable and altruistic support for our improvement journey. I will retain a strong link to BBA in my executive capacity and I know the team of people here will continue to deliver the highest quality education for our community.


For now, this is a moment where we can enjoy the positive feedback together before we continue our improvement journey.


Warm regards


Jon Jones

Executive Principal