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Lunchtime arrangements & Scooters

Dear Parents/Carers,I am writing to you today regarding a couple of points as below.Lunchtime arrangementsAs you are most likely aware; we made the decision to move to one lunch sitting following the Year 11s leaving. We did this to improve the running of the Academy in the afternoon. This began well and we were able to accommodate the 4 year groups during this time (on average we had no queues after 20 minutes). A week later we introduced Slushies as part of our meal service. This has proved extremely popular and has created an increase in the number of students buying not only slushies, but meal deals and as a result, queues have increased.To rectify this in the short term, we are now bringing Year 7 students down for lunch at 12.10pm. We did this for the first-time last Tuesday, and this enabled us to serve all students within the usual time frame. We will continue to do this until the end of term. We are also expecting a delivery of two extra Slushy machines which will reduce queuing time.Due to the feedback, we have received, we are going to trial a slightly different way of serving food from the various servery points in the Academy. This will involve us serving set food, drinks, and desserts at specific serveries as opposed to a selection of everything. Students will be made aware of which serveries will be serving which food options. We hope that this will further speed up service, as students will go to a specific servery to get the specific food they want. This will enable us to then look at the staffing of the more popular food service spaces. ScootersWe are very happy that many of our students have taken the decision to cycle and scoot to school, which will have a positive impact on our local community with regards to the environment.We strongly recommend that all students lock up their bikes and scooters in our sheds. We also recommend that students make their bikes and scooters distinguishable so that similar bikes and scooters are not taken or swapped accidently. The Bike sheds are unlocked in the morning before school, they are then locked during the school day and re-opened after school. This does not however guarantee their safety and students do leave them in there at their own risk.FeedbackAs always, we appreciate your feedback and have set up a new feedback email address to make it easier for you to write in. If you have any comments on the above or anything else Academy related, please use:[email protected]

Thank you for your patience and for continuing to work with us to make the Academy the best it can be.Kind regards Tara PaiseyAssistant Principal